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About us


About our company

Founded with the dream of improving the automotive reconditioning, Platinum 3 Detailing & services, LLC. is dedicated to delivering strong, quality, and reliable services in auto detailing and restoration. We utilize one of the largest vehicle databases in the industry with over 5000 different vehicles/patterns available. We also use high quality professional detailing chemicals, that you can not buy in stores.

We use the latest products and techniques when performing auto-detailing services and have a team of experts who are some of the best in the industry. Our large variety of services and packages will fit any customer’s needs and budget. We always adhere to local laws on window tinting however we can do custom applications for show and off-road use vehicles. Platinum 3 Detailing & services, LLC is committed to delivering the best results with exceptional services.

Our Policy

We want to make sure the next time you come back to us its for more toys not to fix mistakes!

Best Prices

We understand that everyone is on a budget and we do our best to accommodate every customers needs

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We've NEVER had a customer have to use this warranty, this is because we do it right the first time and we use quality products

Eco Friendly

We make it a top priority to ensure that all of our products and services are healthy for the environment

Water Conservative

We do our duty of using methods that conserve water when preforming services to help the future of our environment

Our Work

You wont find a better value anywhere in Tennessee, we guarantee it!

The Importance of Interior and Exterior Detailing!

  • We will fully detail the interior and exterior of your car at an affordable price. Not only will your car look fresh and new, it will also be protected against daily hazards.

  • Our services vary in price, but never in quality. Choose from one of our auto detailing service packages or Contact Us for specific service questions.

  • Protect your vehicle. We fully clean the interior and exterior of the vehicle and prepare it for the wear and tear that it gets exposure to on a daily basis.

Our Services

Once your vehicle has had the Ultimate Package, it's much easier keeping it clean longer!


Wax (3 Stages)

We will give your vehicle an enhanced shine and protection from the sun's harmful rays.



Wax (Spray)

We will give your vehicle an enhanced shine and protection from the sun's harmful rays.



Clay (Contamination Removal)

Our clay bar treatment will give your car with a surface that is as smooth as glass and properly prepped.


Hot Water Extract and Vacuum

Our 210 degree high powered extracting equipment deep cleans dirt, debris, & spots.



Clean and Dress Dashboard

Our methods of dressing and cleaning dashboards provide UV protection and prevent drying, cracking and fading


Clean and Dress Tires

Our methods of dressing and cleaning tires provide UV protection and prevent drying, cracking and fading.


Hand Wash / Dry Wash

We offer a Paint-Safe Hand Wash and Dry with clay bar treatment



Window Polish

Special compound for your interior and exterior windows.



Wheels / Rims Clean

We will clean break dust and restore shine to your rims.



Windows Clean

Your windows will be clean and clean with improved visibility while driving.




Our technology is advanced enough to cut the tint out for us, it means all of our lines will be precision cut, cleaned and smooth.


48hr Rain Check

Policy applies for exterior cleaning only.










Our “Bronze package” is our (not so) basic wash! We will clean all your interiors (vacuum carpets, light dusting of vents and dashboard, windows) and hand wash/dry your exteriors to perfection (exterior paint, clean tires and rims, windows).

If after the basic you feel like your car needs extra love, check out our “A la Carte” services that will leave your vehicle feeling like home

Fine Print: Due to the nature of our services, all prices are subject to change after an assessment of the vehicles condition has been made, but trust us, we’ll still give you the best value available!!

Premium Services

  • Hot Water Extraction - $80**
  • Engine Clean - $65
  • Window Polish - $25*
  • 3-Stage Waxing - $70**
  • Clay Treatment - $50
  • 48hr Rain Check - $10*

Super Premium Services

  • Trim Restoration - $70**
  • Scratch Removal (per panel) - $50**
  • Odor Removal - $95
  • Leather Treatment - $65
  • Convertible Top - $95
  • Fabric Protectant for Cloth Seats - $75
  • Headlight Restorations (per piece) - $50
  • Windshield Repair - $65**

*Services can only be added to a selected wash package

**Final investment to be determined during assessment of vehicle

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